A selection of random booky thoughts I’ve been having recently

Sprayed edges will make me want to read literally any book. The new Jo Nesbo has bright yellow edges and even though I have never in my life wanted to read Jo Nesbo and it’s like the twelve thousandth book in a series, I’m finding myself slightly wanting this one. There’s some kid’s book which came into the shop the other day and it has these Venus flytrap looking things down the pages and I’m obsessed with it.

I feel like I’m buying more yellow books at the moment. Is that a general trend or is it just me? My YA/lighter reads shelf has loads of yellow books on it, why is that a design choice?

At some point, I just decided that I hated Sarah J. Maas and I don’t remember why. I’ve literally never even read the blurb of one of her books. It might just be because the covers are so shit.

I’m finding myself wanting to read crime, which is out of character. It’s not that I dislike crime fiction, it’s just that I have literally never considered it as an option.

It’s very strange that no one is talking about Lincoln in the Bardo. I thought it was going to be the book of the moment and everybody would be going on about it but it’s gone quiet. Guys, read Lincoln in the Bardo, it’s fucking incredible. (That said, I lent it to my dad and he’s not finishing it because he finds the form annoying.)

There’s a part of me that really loves the idea of a book club but also I would hate having to read things that other people had chosen. I basically want a book club where everyone has to read the books that I choose.

I’m really craving a good YA romance but realistically I’m probably just going to end up rereading Fangirl or Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist because too much YA is overwraught and ridiculous (cough The Sun is Also a Star cough) and I can’t be dealing with that.

I feel like I’m having a really good reading year so far. I’m on my 33rd book of 2017 and eight of them would be five star reads if I used goodreads/did star ratings. I’m reading more than I have in years, although my stack of unread books is still growing (it’s had to be split into two stacks because it was very wobbly).

Honestly this is just a selection of thoughts that didn’t warrant their own posts, but I still wanted to get out. Some of them might end up being full posts, or at least the starting point for full posts, but that just isn’t happening today.


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