A Mini Spring TBR

I’m not a massive believer in TBRs: I think it’s just setting myself up to fail. I very much read by whim, so if I set myself a list of things I’m supposed to read by a certain point, I’ll inevitably fail. It’s hard to predict what I’m going to be in the mood for in advance, so I prefer to grab whatever I happen to be in the mood for from my pile of unread books, or something I’ve just bought and am very excited to get to. When I try to stick to a TBR, I tend to end up not enjoying whatever I’m reading because it’s the wrong time.

All that said, I recently watched Jean’s Spring TBR and the idea of a seasonal TBR makes more sense to me. It’s a vague enough, long enough period of time that I probably will get through everything on the list, and by only giving myself six titles, I’m leaving room for reading anything else which takes my fancy.

Dear Ijeawele – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I mentioned recently that I’ve only read one of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novels, but I have also read We Should All Be Feminists. This is another mini-book on feminism, this time on the idea of how to raise a feminist.

They Can’t Kill Us All – Wesley Lowery
This is a super-important book, especially at the moment. Wesley Lowery is a journalist who has been covering the Black Lives Matter movement since its inception, and this is his history of the movement. It’s pretty unusual for me to preorder a book, but I saw this on Penguin’s instagram and preordered it immediately.

Beware of Pity – Stefan Zweig
I’ve owned this for a while now without reading it. It’s Zweig’s only novel, and all I really know about it is that it’s about unrequited love.

Autumn – Ali Smith
I’m sure everyone and their mother already knows this, but Ali Smith is writing four books named after the seasons, inspired by events in the world around her. This is the first, written in the aftermath of the Brexit vote and I really want to get through it before the next one comes out later this year.

The Unaccompanied – Simon Armitage
Like a lot of people, I read Simon Armitage’s poetry while I was at school, and I vaguely remember quite liking him (or at least preferring him to Carol Ann Duffy). This is his first poetry collection in ten years, and I read one of the poems in the shop, loved it and decided to buy it. It also has a S T U N N I N G cover.

When in French – Lauren Collins
My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas, and I have promised him that I will read it soon. It’s a memoir about Lauren Collins’s experience of falling in love with someone whose mother tongue was different to her own, and learning French for her partner.


One thought on “A Mini Spring TBR

  1. […] My spring TBR was surprisingly successful (I read 5 of the 6 books on my list), so here’s another one for Summer. I’m really hoping that I’ll get a crazy amount of reading done this summer, because I’m starting my Masters at the end of September and I feel like I have to make the most of not having assigned reading while I can. […]


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