A Vegetarian’s Guide to Berlin

Jake and I celebrated our anniversary with a long weekend in Berlin, and while we were there, we pretty much ate our way through the city. Neither of us eats meat, and while Berlin has a reputation as a haven for veggies, I was still a little worried as German food in general tends to be pretty meat heavy.

On our first night, we ate at Chupenga, a burrito place not far from the Mall of Berlin. The veggie option was a spiced pumpkin mix, and I went for quinoa instead of rice. Honestly, it was hands down the best burrito I have ever eaten, and definitely the biggest.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 16.33.53.png
Here is Jake struggling to eat a burrito which is literally the size of his head.

The next morning, we headed to House of Small Wonder, Jake having done extensive research on Berlin’s brunch culture. I had Croissant French Toast (need I say more) and Jake went for the house granola. Both were delicious, and the decor is 10/10. A tip that worked really well for us was to have brunch and dinner, and skip lunch.


That night, we were starving, so were looking for something not too far from our hostel near Alexanderplatz and headed to Bibi Mix for bibimbap, which Jake had never tried before. We went for the Tofu Mix, and I would recommend it really highly. I’m not generally the biggest fan of tofu, but this was perfectly done and a really nice level of spicy, with delicious fresh vegetables.

The next morning, we went straight to Distrikt Coffee, which was absolutely packed, so I would definitely recommend getting there early for brunch. I had avocado and beetroot toast with a poached egg, which was a lovely combo but if I were making it at home I would go for smaller chunks because it was kind of hard to get all the flavours together. That’s such a nitpicky complaint. Jake had pancakes and there were no complaints there. The coffee is absolutely I N C R E D I B L E.


That night we had our only meal in a table service restaurant of the trip, at Madami, a Vietnamese restaurant down the road from Bibi Mix. I had a noodle dish which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, and Jake went for a tofu burger. Again, delicious. This was the place where we struggled the most with not being able to speak German, but we got by.


The next morning was  a low point as far as brunch was concerned. We wanted to go to Geist Im Glas, but it was closed due to a recent fire, so we ended up at Spreegold. I had berry pancakes and Jake had another version of pancakes, and honestly they were nothing special and the coffee was pretty poor. The menu actually did look pretty interesting, but we panic-ordered and it didn’t work out.

Displaying IMG_2852.JPG

That night, we wanted something near Alexanderplatz Bahnhof so plumped for Dolores, where we had vegan burritos. Under normal circumstances, they would have been great burritos, but we were still on a Chupenga high so they suffered by comparison.

Sorry love. This is the only photo I have.

2 thoughts on “A Vegetarian’s Guide to Berlin

  1. hey guys, we have just read your review of chupenga and are so glad you liked it. you made our day! come back and visit us next time you are in berlin. all the best to you, cheers


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