Who you gonna call?

I saw Ghostbusters this weekend, and I won’t lie, I was worried. I wanted to like it so badly, I needed it to be good because if it wasn’t, all the MRA douchebags on the internet who were mouthing off about how it was going to be awful would think they’d been right the whole time.

It isn’t, by the way. It isn’t as good as the original, but it’s funny and enjoyable. The script is kind of weak but the cast is very very funny, particularly Kate McKinnon, who I love love loved. The moment when she licks the gun was perfect. Leslie Jones, too, is a lot of fun in this. It’s sad that in the thirty years since the original we apparently haven’t got to the point where the black actor can also play a scientist; it’s sadder that she got so much heinous abuse online.

As a side note, Bill Murray properly phoned in his cameo. I mean for fuck’s sake. I’m entirely convinced that he wasn’t even in the room with them when they filmed that scene, which is a pretty easy way to make a scene fall flat. I genuinely don’t understand why they didn’t cut it from the film, it felt like it was sort of forced in and did nothing for the plot. The other cameos were fun little asides, this just sort of halted the film for a bit.

My point is that I want to get to the point where I don’t feel like I have to like an action comedy starring four women simply because it stars four women. I want that to not be a big deal, so we can just talk about them for their merits as films, not for their merits as socio-political statements.


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